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Turn Your Chainsaw Into a Low-Cost, Handheld Lumber Mill

Haddon Tools is the manufacturer and distributor of the LUMBER/MAKER, a chainsaw attachment that turns your saw into a low-cost lumber mill. We also manufacture and distribute the WOOD JOINER, which allows you to seamlessly create professional dowel joints.

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The Haddon LUMBER/MAKER is the perfect tool to turn any chainsaw into a handheld lumber mill. Easy to install and use, it is plated to prevent rust, and attaches to any factory chainsaw using just a clamp and three special set screws.

How It Works

There's no need to drill the chainsaw bar. An adjustable bracket allows it to ride on top of a 2x4 or 2x6, where it guides the chainsaw on a straight plain, cutting any size lumber you desire. For just $99.95, you can build better:

 » Furniture
 » Fences
 » Cabinets
 » Beams
 » Mantels
 » Sheds
 » Log Cabins
 » Docks
 » Gates
 » Siding

A Multi-Purpose Tool

Log home builders love using the LUMBER/MAKER to slab logs, or as a guide for cutting square windows and doors in a log wall. It also makes a great cut-off saw for firewood, and you can use it as a clamp to hold the bar firm while you sharpen your chain. Best of all, it can be used by anyone. Our valued customers include:

 » Woodworkers
 » Sawmill Workers
 » Log Cabin Builders
 » Homeowners
 » Wood Cabin Owners
 » Owners Of Treed Lots

Learn More About the LUMBER/MAKER

The LUMBER/MAKER comes with a 30-page owner's manual. The owner's manual was written and copyrighted by Jesse Haddon, and it has 87 pictures and illustrations showing it's many uses beyond just sawing lumber, including crosscut sharpening tips that make it unnecessary to purchase a ripping chain.


The Haddon WOOD JOINER is the perfect tool for creating strong, professional dowel joints. It makes blind dowel joints fast and simple, with professional results that will save you time and money. We include special metal T-bar and a complete manual, which is full of useful information and helpful woodworking hints. The WOOD JOINER is effective with any dowel joint, including:

 » Edge-To-Edge
 » End-To-End
 » Edge-To-Surface
 » Surface-To-Surface
 » Miters
Wood Joiner

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